Empower Your Crystals, Empower Yourself

Mother Earth is abundant indeed- with over 4,000 naturally-occurring minerals out there, how in the world do we find the right crystals to work with?! If only there was a Tinder for crystals, then we could swipe right and match with our mineral-mate, go on a few dates, and see if things will work out in the long run! Well, that’s not a thing (yet!).  However, finding the perfect crystal for you isn’t as complicated as it may seem. Here’s a few tips and tricks for getting to know the crystals that will be there for you for better or for worse, through thick and thin, to love and to cherish!

Crystals as Partners
        Humans have been working with crystals since the beginning of our time on this luscious planet. Throughout history, we’ve uncovered ancient wisdom and teachings of beings who understood the vast capabilities of crystals- from working with them for healing, to programming them with information, and even communicating with other dimensions! What a generous, ever-precious gift crystals are! And so, they deserve to be treated as such.
        Crystals deserve deep bonds with their keepers. They are alive with the energy of Mother Earth just like we are, and as we nurture our relationship with them, we empower them further with intentionality and love. This is why it is necessary to think of our crystals as partners, rather than “using” them to help with something. As tempting as it is to have a crystal collection as big as our homes can hold (and by all means, go for it!), it is also important to get to know each the members of our crystal families individually.         

How to Choose a New Crystal Partner
        So, we’ve all been in the following situation- you’re in town for errands, pass by a metaphysical store, you decide to walk in and swear to yourself that you’ll “just take a quick peak”. You become drawn to a crystal that you can’t let go of, you justify the purchase in your head and decide you deserve it for whatever reason, and then you bring your new crystal friend home. I’m guilty of that more times than I’d like to admit! And while you may have a general idea of the crystal’s metaphysical properties from the cute little description card that came with it, that crystal is able to guide you in ways specific to your life that you aren’t even aware of yet. I believe the best way to choose a new crystal is to use your intuition- you will gravitate towards the crystal that you energetically crave the most.

Getting to Know Your Crystal
        Now comes the fun part- learning about your new crystal. Did you know that each individual crystal has its very own personality? There are many factors that play into what gives each crystal their own frequency and energetic qualities.  The elements they are composed of, their growth environment, size, shape, facets, and colors are just a few of the determining factors. For example, we’ve all heard that Rose Quartz is great for love. But maybe the Rose Quartz you chose grew in a rough environment which added to its character over time. Spending time with your crystal may make you realize that your piece of Rose Quartz is actually able to assist you with resilience.
        You can figure out what your crystal means for you in many ways. One of my favorites that I learned from a dear teacher of mine is to simply spend time with only that one crystal over a few days. If you are a meditator, try that! If not, don’t sweat it- just pay attention to any dreams, synchronicities, or themes that come up over the few days you spend with it. You may be surprised, and absolutely always delighted by what your crystal partner is willing to guide you through.

Of course, it’s overwhelming to think of the thousands of crystals out there while trying to memorize each and every one’s different energetic properties. We all feel the times are changing. The energy of earth is shifting and so is the energy of our crystals. Empower yourself with the knowledge that you have the wisdom to connect with your crystals and understand their powers without the need to memorize anything at all. It’s an exciting endeavor that will not only connect you more to your own intuition, but also reignite your romance with crystals and make you fall in love with them all over again.