How Crystals Work- A Quick & Easy Explanation

Yes, there really IS a scientific explanation for how crystals do their "thing" & help us heal. We can dive into detail later, but for now, here's the quick & dirty explanation to help you ground the seemingly magical power of crystals, sparing most of the fancy scientific terms (for now!)

        We're all made of energy. But even the word energy can feel hard to visualize. Picture this- everything consists of super tiny particles that vibrate at different frequencies to form matter. You, your home, your stuff, the trees, crystals, & EVERYTHING- it's all energy- all vibrating at different frequencies.

        Humans are a collection of vibrational frequencies that are constantly being affected by the energies and frequencies around us. Our ‘vibes’ are so easily thrown off, something as small as witnessing a disagreement between strangers out in public can have an energetic impact on us.

        Crystals have ONE frequency. Since they grow as perfect crystalline structures, they remain stable and maintain their high-amplitude frequency. This means that they have the power to harmonize the vibes around them
        When we work with crystals, our cell membranes and DNA pick up on these vibrational frequency matches and rhythmically entrain with them. In other words, crystals reduce the disorder in our own unstable vibrations. We fall into harmony with the them, which shifts us into a state of healing and wellbeing. What a generous gift straight from Mama Earth herself!