Energy Balance Bundle (Chakra Set)

Energy Balance Bundle (Chakra Set)
Energy Balance Bundle (Chakra Set)

Energy Balance Bundle (Chakra Set)

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This collection has every crystal needed to balance your energy centers (chakras) so your own personal life force energy can flow freely through you. Each crystal included carries the chakra-specific vibration needed to unblock, clear, & stimulate each of the 7 energy centers. Whether you use them to align all your chakras, or hone in on a chakra that needs extra support, this set is an incredibly valuable addition to your crystal collection. 

This Bundle includes:

  • 1 Smoky Quartz Tumble (Root Chakra)
  • 1 Carnelian Tumble (Sacral Chakra)
  • 1 Tigers Eye Tumble (Solar Plexus Chakra)
  • 1 Green Aventurine Tumble (Heart Chakra)
  • 1 Sodalite Tumble (Throat Chakra)
  • 1 Amethyst Tumble (Third Eye Chakra)
  • 1 Clear Quartz Tumble (Crown Chakra)
  • cotton pouch
  • info card & affirmation

Crystal Properties

Smoky Quartz (Root Chakra)
Smoky Quartz #1 power it is grounding effect, which can benefit all who work with it in numerous ways. When you’re feeling ‘squirrelly’ or ‘spaced-out’, Smoky Quartz grounds the excess energy so you can be productive. It helps manifest your dreams into reality by drawing the energies that usually reside in higher vibrational realms down to meet you on the physical, earthly level. This process also aids in spiritual work when you receive ‘downloads’, helping you to understand how to integrate that cosmic information into everyday life. Another extremely valuable quality of the grounding energy of Smoky Quartz is its ability to transmute negativity into the earth to be neutralized. When you’re connected to Mother Earth and free from negativity, you can feel fully present & open to all of the joys life has to offer. 

Carnelian (Sacral Chakra)
Carnelian promotes energy flow to your creative center, filling you with passion and allowing you to fully experience and enjoy all life’s earthly pleasures. Carnelian blends the feminine energies of creation with the masculine energies of action. The fiery colors of Carnelian keep your creativity ablaze. Speaking of fire, when you need one ‘lit under your butt’, Carnelian can be a powerful aid for motivation. It is an incredible ally for artists and performers, because aside from igniting your passions, it also brings you the courage to share them with the world. By having the power of imagination and ambition on your side, there’s nothing you can’t manifest with a little help from Carnelian. 

Tigers Eye (Solar Plexus Chakra)
Tigers Eye is a powerful balancer and mediator of the crystal world. It allows us the grace to come to peace with and accept our dual nature, illuminating the delicate path of balance for you to walk. Extremely motivating, Tiger’s Eye can keep you focused on your end goal. Sometimes our challenges and tests lie in remembering your immense inner strength when faced with adversities, but Tigers Eye can come to the rescue, showing you the power to persevere against all odds. By accepting all the polarity within you in loving understanding, you become a beacon of light for others to find their inner strength and operate effectively in this dualistic reality.

Green Aventurine (Heart Chakra)
When it comes to calling luck & prosperity into your energy field, Green Aventurine is your #1 crystal helper. This stone carries a strong optimistic vibration, assisting with positive changes in all aspects of life. Green Aventurine promotes growth by helping you release old patterns and attachments to clear space for renewed energy to fill your aura & attract new opportunities. Its gorgeous green vibrations stimulate the heart energies, assisting you in finding hope through emotionally difficult situations. Living from a heart-centered place allows the abundant and prosperous energies of our world to find homes within us.

Sodalite (Throat Chakra)
Sodalite’s energy nudges us to speak up for ourselves. It reminds us of the importance of speaking and sharing your inner truths and communicating effectively with the world around you. During awkward or difficult conversations, lean on the power of Sodalite to give you courage and help express your true needs. It aids in synthesizing and organizing thoughts, making it easy to express yourself and a fantastic tool for writing and easing anxiety associated with public speaking. Closely connected to your energetic center of creation, Sodalite helps us express our ideas. It forms a bridge from our throat to our hands, helping us to physically create the vision into our reality and share it. Sodalite is also connected to intuition, increasing our trust in ourselves.

Amethyst (Third Eye Chakra)
Amethyst acts like the Mary Poppins bag of crystals. Since it heightens your intuition, it can support you through anything that shifts you out of alignment with your higher self. Amethyst tells anxious thoughts that there’s no vacancy in your head. When faced with temptations, it tells your willpower it’s time to run the show. Amethyst’s high vibrations act like your own personal energetic knight, defending you from negativity & other lower vibrational energies. In the face of stress, it puts a sticky note reminder at the forefront of your brain that reads, “dude, chill out!”. Amethyst is an all-purpose staple in your crystal toolkit. 

Clear Quartz (Crown Chakra)
Clear Quartz’s master power lies in its ability to harmonize and balance. You know that feeling of serenity after deep cleaning and decluttering your space? This is what Clear Quartz can do for your mental & energetic bodies. Who needs bath bombs? Clear Quartz sprays windex on your mind and chakras until they are squeaky-clean and free from confusion, distractions, and all that doesn’t serve you. With clarity of mind and free flowing energy, you can view any situation with a renewed sense of calm & confidence. Clear Quartz is also known as an energy amplifier. Pair it with other crystals to boost their effects, or use it as a megaphone for all your intentions to the universe! 
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