Honor Your Cycle Bundle

Honor Your Cycle Bundle
Honor Your Cycle Bundle

Honor Your Cycle Bundle

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When we live in resistance to our cyclical natures, we experience a multitude of side-effects that hold us back from living our lives to the fullest each day, no matter the time of the month. The combined energies of the crystals in this kit support you on your journey of self-discovery, helping you learn how to honor your body, mind, & spirit and how to balance your energy to give yourself what you need, when you need it.

This Bundle includes:

  • 1 Moonstone Tumble for cycle & mood regulation
  • 1 Garnet Tumble for calming & balancing emotions
  • 1 Bloodstone Tumble for connecting us to Mother Earth's wisdom about cycles
  • 1 Amethyst Tumble for relieving tension
  • cotton pouch
  • info card & affirmation

Crystal Properties

Moonstone holds endless divine feminine wisdom for those who connect with it. Just like the moon in the sky, Moonstone reminds us of how important it is to honor our cyclical natures as human beings. When we work in harmony with our energetic cycles instead of in resistance to them, we find that we have much in common with Mother Earth and can flow peacefully through the seasons within ourselves. 
Working with Moonstone allows us to embody goddess energy, which helps us to gracefully operate in balance between the feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves. Moonstone offers comfort in times of change, and is a wonderful protecting energy for travelers.

Bloodstone is an extremely healing stone, stimulating the root chakra and keeping us grounded. Sometimes when we’re deep on the path of energetic healing, it is easy to forget that we must balance the care we give our mental and spiritual bodies with care of the physical body, as they are all connected. Bloodstone reminds us to move around and feel the numerous benefits on your emotional and spiritual energies that snowball from getting one’s blood pumping. Its earthly energies offer purification and can be very energizing. Bloodstone is also a precious tool for helping to regulate and balance the female cycle and ease symptoms associated with it. Supercharge your resilience and feel the vitality that comes with having Bloodstone by your side.

Garnet is an important stone that helps us tap into our sense of security and safety through life. Honing in on the root chakra, it clears blockages that prevent us from feeling grounded, which allows healing energy to flow through our entire energetic body. Garnet is a wonderful support for those who have trouble remaining in the present moment. It can help you release worries and fears surrounding your safety so you can open yourself to allow your strength and vitality to flow through you. Garnet is also helpful for boosting our expression of physical love and enjoying those earthly pleasures. Garnet’s stable energy has been used by many ancient cultures across the world for strength, enduring faith, & protection

Amethyst acts like the Mary Poppins bag of crystals. Since it heightens your intuition, it can support you through anything that shifts you out of alignment with your higher self. Amethyst tells anxious thoughts that there’s no vacancy in your head. When faced with temptations, it tells your willpower it’s time to run the show. Amethyst’s high vibrations act like your own personal energetic knight, defending you from negativity & other lower vibrational energies. In the face of stress, it puts a sticky note reminder at the forefront of your brain that reads, “dude, chill out!”. Amethyst is an all-purpose staple in your crystal toolkit.
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