EMF Protection Bundle

EMF Protection Bundle
EMF Protection Bundle

EMF Protection Bundle

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A must-have protection bundle for electronic-heavy spaces! EMF's are electromagnetic frequencies that come from our electronics like Bluetooth headphones & devices, cell towers, wifi, & more. Harmful EMFs can cause symptoms like headaches, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia & more. The ferro-containing crystals in this bundle have grounding effects that have been shown to neutralize the negative effects of EMF radiation.

This Bundle includes:

  • 1 Shungite Tumble 
  • 1 Hematite Tumble
  • 1 Black Tourmaline Rough Stone
  • 1 Pyrite Cube
  • cotton pouch
  • info card & affirmation

Crystal Properties

An intensely grounding & purifying stone, Shungite has the ability to naturally discharge excess energy to Mother Earth, keeping you calm and balanced. Due to its carbon-rich properties, it is extremely effective at mitigating the harmful frequencies that come from electronics. Keeping Shungite by your internet router, computer, or in spaces where you frequently use electronics can ease symptoms associated with the EMFs that come from them, like insomnia, nervousness, and brain fog. 
Like the other grounding stones, Shungite has the ability to transmute negativity, making it a fantastic personal energy protector. Its ability to absorb negative energies and keep you grounded make it the perfect stone to carry with you when you’re in crowded places like airports, schools, or anywhere you tend to feel overwhelmed. Know that you’re being continuously purified & protected by powerful Shungite.

Hematite is a multi purposeful grounding stone, guiding one through life’s ups and downs. Its energies pull you down to earth and are excellent to have around during overwhelming situations. It combats overthinking and brings flighty, airy energies in your field downwards to be grounded. It’s also wonderful to travel with so you can feel like yourself in the midst of chaotic or overstimulating energies around you. Aside from its ability to keep your ‘feet on the ground’, Hematite also works wonders during shadow work. It helps you balance the inevitable polarities found within each of us and integrate them for your highest good. Hematite reminds you of your unwavering inner strength & courage in the face of adversity, and is an all around valuable stone for navigating the human experience.

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline is a master ally for ridding your energy field and surrounding space of negativity. Its transmuting abilities allow you to perceive energy coming into your awareness as neutral. This offers powerful protection from the ‘energy vampires’ in your life and other lower vibrational emotions. Aside from personal energy protection, Black Tourmaline also helps to keep you safe from the harmful electromagnetic frequencies that surround us in the rapidly growing age of technology. Though invisible to us, these frequencies are believed to be linked with a number of issues including insomnia, anxiety, & fatigue. With Black Tourmaline on you, you can operate from a place of inner strength, knowing you are grounded & protected.

Pyrite is an extremely beneficial stone for confidence building and bringing a can-do attitude to any situation. It is a stone of action, providing you with the self esteem boost necessary to keep working towards your goals despite any bumps in the road. 
Pyrite stimulates the creative energy center, allowing energy to flow through your seat of personal power, where it can be directed to the proper energy channel that makes it a reality. Pyrite is also known as a money magnet, because when you know your self-worth, it is easy to call prosperity and financial abundance into your life. Pyrite reminds us that what we dwell on, we attract into our lives. Keeping your thoughts focused on your goals and all the good fortune out there available to you calls those experiences into your space. Rest self assured with powerful Pyrite.
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