Amazonite Hair Clip

Amazonite Hair Clip

Amazonite Hair Clip

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Add a pop of gorgeous light turquoise & a dose of peaceful energy to your style with an Amazonite hair clip. The metal teeth in these clips are effective for keeping hair out of your face and staying in place for most hair textures. 

This listing is for one Amazonite hair clip in your size of choice. Please understand that since crystals are unique in nature, the shapes & shades of colors of the stones on each hair clip will vary. 

Materials: Amazonite stones & metal alligator-style hair clip 



Medium sized hair clips are approximately 1.75" in length and ~0.18" wide. 


Large sized hair clips are approximately 3" in length and ~0.18" wide. 



Amazonite works by supporting the energy centers of the heart and the throat. It helps you shift your perspective to a higher place, where you can define your inner truth and peer into other’s truths. This makes it the ultimate harmonizing tool for conflict resolution, allowing one to promote peace by accepting and honoring these truths. 

If you struggle with setting and maintaining boundaries, Amazonite can be your ally. Its energy helps you to strengthen the boundaries you set outwardly for others, while promoting self-respect by simultaneously highlighting the self discipline needed to honor the boundaries you set within yourself. By being able to clearly communicate your values and compassionately accept others, you inspire hope and peaceful action in those around you. 

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