Baby Shungite Pyramid

Baby Shungite Pyramid
Baby Shungite Pyramid

Baby Shungite Pyramid

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Did anyone say digital detox? The use of Shungite in pyramid form is one of the most effective ways to form a shield of protection from harmful effects coming off your electronics. These adorable baby Shungite pyramids are perfect to keep on your desk!


Height 0.5" | Base 0.5" x 0.5" | Weight 0.1 oz

Action Radius ~1 foot



An intensely grounding & purifying stone, Shungite has the ability to naturally discharge excess energy to Mother Earth, keeping you calm and balanced. Due to its carbon-rich properties, it is extremely effective at mitigating the harmful frequencies that come from electronics. Keeping Shungite by your internet router, computer, or in spaces where you frequently use electronics can ease symptoms associated with the EMFs that come from them, like insomnia, excess nervous energy, and brain fog. 

Like the other grounding stones, Shungite has the ability to transmute negativity, making it a fantastic personal energy protector. Its ability to absorb negative energies and keep you grounded make it the perfect stone to carry with you when you’re in crowded places like airports, schools, or anywhere you tend to feel overwhelmed. Know that you’re being continuously purified & protected by powerful Shungite.



Origin: Russia

Awesome for:
  • negativity
  • personal energy protection
  • detoxification
  • purifying your space
  • being around electronics
  • overwhelm 

Affirmation: “I'm detoxing myself of everything that doesn't serve me.” 

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