Black Tourmaline Logs

Black Tourmaline Logs

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A powerful stone for those sensitive to other's energies, Black Tourmaline is an effective and cherished tool for protection. Its grounding effects transmute negativity in your space, which in effect raises ones consciousness & state of well-being. Feel stable, shielded & safe with Black Tourmaline as your ally! Keep it on your desk between you & your laptop or in spaces where you use a lot of electronics for added protection from harmful frequencies. 



Length 2.37"-3" | Width 1.5"-2.25" | Weight 6-7 oz


Length 3"-3.25" | Width 1.75"-2" | Weight 8.5-9 oz



Black Tourmaline is a master ally for ridding your energy field & surrounding space of negativity. Its transmuting abilities allow you to perceive energy coming into your awareness as neutral. This offers powerful protection from the ‘energy vampires’ in your life and other lower vibrational emotions. 

       Aside from personal energy protection, Black Tourmaline also helps to keep you safe from the harmful electromagnetic frequencies that surround us in the rapidly growing age of technology. Though invisible to us, these frequencies are believed to be linked with a number of issues including insomnia, anxiety, & fatigue. With Black Tourmaline on you, you can operate from a place of inner strength, knowing you are grounded & protected.



Origin: Brazil

Awesome for:
  • depression & anxiety 
  • exposure to harmful EMFs
  • grounding & stabilizing
  • empaths 
  • clearing negativity 

Affirmation: “I'm strong and powerfully protected from any negativity that enters my space."

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