Safe Travels Bundle

Safe Travels Bundle
Safe Travels Bundle

Safe Travels Bundle

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When you're headed out on your next adventure, don't forget your crystal companions. Whether its dealing with unexpected plot-twists & delays, adjusting to new time zones or just remaining present enough to soak all the good memories in, these crystals got you covered! 

This Bundle includes:

  • Amethyst Tumble for soothing anxiety
  • 1 Shungite Tumble for protection
  • 1 Moonstone Tumble for luck & high spirits
  • Tigers Eye Tumble for courage
  • cotton pouch
  • info card & affirmation

Crystal Properties

Amethyst acts like the Mary Poppins bag of the crystal world. Since it heightens your intuition, it can support you through anything that shifts you out of alignment with your higher self. Amethyst tells anxious thoughts that there’s no vacancy in your head. When faced with temptations, it tells your willpower it’s time to run the show. Amethyst’s high vibrations act like your own personal energetic knight, defending you from negativity & other lower vibrational energies. In the face of stress, it puts a sticky note reminder at the forefront of your brain that reads, “dude, chill out!”. Amethyst is an all-purpose staple in your crystal toolkit.

An intensely grounding & purifying stone, Shungite has the ability to naturally discharge excess energy to Mother Earth, keeping you calm and balanced. Due to its carbon-rich properties, it is extremely effective at mitigating the harmful frequencies that come from electronics. Keeping Shungite by your internet router, computer, or in spaces where you frequently use electronics can ease symptoms associated with the EMFs that come from them, like insomnia, nervousness, and brain fog. Like the other grounding stones, Shungite has the ability to transmute negativity, making it a fantastic personal energy protector. Its ability to absorb negative energies and keep you grounded make it the perfect stone to carry with you when you’re in crowded places like airports, schools, or anywhere you tend to feel overwhelmed. Know that you’re being continuously purified & protected by powerful Shungite.

Moonstone holds endless divine feminine wisdom for those who connect with it. Just like the moon in the sky, Moonstone reminds us of how important it is to honor our cyclical natures as human beings. When we work in harmony with our energetic cycles instead of in resistance to them, we find that we have much in common with Mother Earth and can flow peacefully through the seasons within ourselves. 
Working with Moonstone allows us to embody goddess energy, which helps us to gracefully operate in balance between the feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves. Moonstone offers comfort in times of change, and is a wonderful protecting energy for travelers. 

Tigers Eye
Tigers Eye is a powerful balancer and mediator of the crystal world. It allows us the grace to come to peace with and accept our dual nature, illuminating the delicate path of balance for you to walk. Extremely motivating, Tiger’s Eye can keep you focused on your end goal. Sometimes our challenges and tests lie in remembering your immense inner strength when faced with adversities, but Tigers Eye can come to the rescue, showing you the power to persevere against all odds. By accepting all the polarity within you in loving understanding, you become a beacon of light for others to find their inner strength and operate effectively in this dualistic reality.
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