Goldensheen Obsidian

Goldensheen Obsidian
Goldensheen Obsidian
Goldensheen Obsidian

Goldensheen Obsidian

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Measure ~0.5"-1" | Weight 0.4-0.6 oz


Obsidian is volcanic glass formed by lava that was cooled very quickly. Since it comes from deep within the Earth, it is an extremely grounding force that aids in energy transmutation. The golden sheen comes from gas that was trapped in the rapidly cooling magma. Appearing black at first glance, when held to light and seen from different angles it reveals its shimmery golden sheen. 

Golden Sheen Obsidian is particularly helpful for inner work, providing insight for making peace with one’s ego self. While it shares the properties of Black Obsidian (clearing past trauma & energetic protection), it also connects strongly to your third eye, making it a fantastic ally for discovering your hidden talents and utilizing them to manifest your life’s vision. 


Origin: Mexico

Awesome for:
  • healing trauma
  • discovering inner talents
  • inner work
  • psychic protection
  • grounding
  • connecting to Mother Earth's wisdom

 "As I heal my traumas, I assist in healing the vibration on Earth."

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