Kunzite 2-Pack Mini Hair Clips

Kunzite 2-Pack Mini Hair Clips
Kunzite 2-Pack Mini Hair Clips
Kunzite 2-Pack Mini Hair Clips

Kunzite 2-Pack Mini Hair Clips

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If you want to change up your style with minimal effort, these mini hair clips are for you! Clip a braid or a few strands of hair out of your face. Keep it simple or get as fancy as you wish. When you wear the power of crystals vibrations in your hair, there’s nothing you can’t set your mind to.

This listing is for a set of 2 mini Kunzite hair clips. While the stone type is matching, understand that crystals are unique in nature, so the shapes & colors of the stones on each hairclip will vary.


Mini hair clips are approximately 1.25" in length and ~0.18" wide. 


Kunzite’s beautiful shimmery hues alone are enough to lift one’s spirits. However, this powerful crystal’s vibrations are really what is doing ‘the work’ behind the scenes. Its gentle, loving energies encompass the heart, helping to break away the walls we sometimes build around it from past heartbreaks. 
Kunzite also works on keeping the mind focused on loving thoughts, expanding the awareness to see all of the love that exists in one’s reality. The more our mind expands its loving thoughts, the more love we call into our life experience, reinforcing our belief that love exists everywhere. 
When life gets you down, call upon the energies of Kunzite to lift you out of any low vibrations you feel stuck in, and let your heart open up to experience & reciprocate love in every aspect of your daily life.  

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