Lapis Lazuli 2-Pack Mini Hair Clips

Lapis Lazuli 2-Pack Mini Hair Clips
Lapis Lazuli 2-Pack Mini Hair Clips
Lapis Lazuli 2-Pack Mini Hair Clips

Lapis Lazuli 2-Pack Mini Hair Clips

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If you want to change up your style with minimal effort, these mini hair clips are for you! Clip a braid or a few strands of hair out of your face. Keep it simple or get as fancy as you wish. When you wear the power of crystals vibrations in your hair, there’s nothing you can’t set your mind to.

This listing is for a set of 2 mini Lapis Lazuli hair clips. While the stone type is matching, understand that crystals are unique in nature, so the shapes & colors of the stones on each hairclip will vary.


Mini hair clips are approximately 1.25" in length and ~0.18" wide. 


A stone of royalty, Lapis Lazuli allows one to recognize their divine nature. It connects the energy centers of the throat and the third eye, making it an incredibly effective tool for communication and self-reflection. Lapis Lazuli acts as a link to tap into gifts and abilities that stem from previous lifetimes in order to utilize them in this present moment. It helps us consciously perceive hidden patterns buried deep in the subconscious in order to gain wisdom for personal growth

Lapis Lazuli’s royal blue energy can enhance visualizations and is a valuable tool for meditation. When we recognize the divinity within us, it makes it easier to recognize that same energy in others, promoting oneness to raise the vibration of our environments.

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