Medium Clear Quartz Polished Towers

Medium Clear Quartz Polished Towers

Medium Clear Quartz Polished Towers

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Keep your mind free from confusion, distractions, and all that doesn't serve you. These polished Clear Quartz towers give you the clarity of mind to accomplish anything you set out to do. Since these Clear Quartz towers are powerful energy amplifiers, use them to communicate your intentions to the universe to manifest your highest visions into your reality! 


Length 3.15" | Max. Width 1.75" | Weight 6.1 oz


Length 2.75" | Max. Width 1.68" | Weight 5.9 oz


Length 2.81" | Max. Width 1.82" | Weight 5.9 oz


Length 2.75" | Max. Width 1.25" | Weight 3.7 oz


Length 2.62" | Max. Width 1.5" | Weight 4.2 oz


Length 2.12" | Max. Width 1.43" | Weight 3.6 oz


Length 2.87" | Max. Width 1.87" | Weight 6.3 oz



Clear Quartz’s master power lies in its ability to harmonize and balance. You know that feeling of serenity after deep cleaning and decluttering your space? This is what Clear Quartz can do for your mental & energetic bodies.

Who needs bath bombs? Clear Quartz sprays windex on your mind and chakras until they are squeaky-clean and free from confusion, distractions, and all that doesn’t serve you. With clarity of mind and free flowing energy, you can view any situation with a renewed sense of calm & confidence. 

Clear Quartz is also known as an energy amplifier. Pair it with other crystals to boost their effects, or use it as a megaphone for all your intentions to the universe!



Origin: Brazil

Awesome for:
  • mental clarity 
  • perspective shifts
  • cleansing space
  • manifestation
  • self-reflection 
  • aligning your energetic body

Affirmation: “I speak the language of the universe to create my ultimate reality.” 

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