Orange Jade Hair Clip

Orange Jade Hair Clip
Orange Jade Hair Clip
Orange Jade Hair Clip

Orange Jade Hair Clip

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Add a bright pop of color to your style with an Orange Jade hairclip. The metal teeth in these clips are effective for keeping hair out of your face and staying in place for most hair textures. 

This listing is for one Orange Jade hair clip. Please understand that since crystals are unique in nature, the shapes & shades of colors of the stones on each hair clip will vary. 

Materials: Orange Jade & metal alligator-style hair clip 


Hair Clip measures approximately 1.75" in length and ~0.18" wide.


For a healthy boost of JOY, this orange variety of Jade does the trick, & then some! Orange Jade assists us in recognizing ourselves in others, promoting the feeling (reality) of oneness on our planet. It also helps us to accept those we may not resonate with, realizing that they too are one with all that is. Awareness of our interconnected nature changes the way you view the world- for the better!
Orange Jade also supports the sacral & solar plexus chakras, helping us build a healthy sense of self and self-esteem while boosting confidence and inner strength. If you suffer from being bogged down by the low points of your day, Orange Jade can help ‘snap you out’ of those mental loops, allowing your mind a perspective shift. This is why it is a great stone for healing burnout & emotional instability. Its bright cheery Orange hues are enough to make you start smiling again and experiencing the joy everyone deserves to feel.  

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