New Beginnings Bundle

New Beginnings Bundle
New Beginnings Bundle

New Beginnings Bundle

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We've all heard that change is the only constant. But getting a fresh start is one of life's most wonderful blessings. Whether its a new job, career change, moving, or starting/ending a relationship, let the New Beginnings bundle fuel you with the crystal energy you need to support you on your new & exciting path!

This Bundle includes:

  • 1 Chrysocolla Rough Stone for rejuvenating your energy
  • 1 Labradorite Slab for transformation
  • Citrine Natural Point for attracting joy & abundance
  • 1 Clear Quartz Rough Stone for clarity of mind
  • cotton pouch
  • info card & affirmation

Crystal Properties

Chrysocolla is like a deep spring cleaning for the soul. It clears out the stagnant energy and all that no longer serves you to make room for inviting in the new. It’s a great stone to work with for new beginnings to let go of stresses & imbalances so you can have a truly fresh start on your path. It carries the incredible energy of empowerment, so you can be equipped with the confidence to discern between the energies you want to invite in, and what you want to keep out or let go of. Chrysocolla reminds us that our words carry energy with lasting effects, especially the words we speak to ourselves. By being mindful of this, you can start to rephrase your inner self-talk to resonate with your new direction in life and keep your vibration high, inviting in the abundance that awaits you.

Labradorite is one of the most powerful stones when it comes to connecting to your purpose in life, and healing all that stands in the way of it. Its mesmerizing play of colors are a reflection of the infinite magic that lies within each of us. Its close connection with the third eye energy center aids us in visualization and helps us perceive our situations from a higher perspective. It reminds us that when we’re feeling resistance in life, we must release control of situations and know that our power lies in our authority over our own reactions. When working with Labradorite, you can observe and be grateful for all the synchronicities in your everyday experiences, knowing that they are messages guiding you on your life’s journey. This recognition of patterns allows you to find the root causes of self limiting beliefs that hold you back. Identifying the negative self talk associated with your self-limitations is the most powerful step to clearing them. Labradorite shows you that you can start noticing the magic all around you, every day. 

Citrine is one of the most powerful crystal allies for attracting abundance of all forms into your life. It works on your energetic seat of personal power, clearing away energetic blockages within you that hinder your ability to create the life you visualize for yourself. By repairing your will and self-esteem, you empower yourself with the knowledge that you deserve all that resonates with your highest good, and dispel any feelings of lack or unworthiness. This communicates that vibration of self-worth to the universe, so it knows where to direct its endless abundance. Living in the frequency of abundance attracts everything that is right for you so you can experience the fullest endless joys available to you in life. 

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz’s master power lies in its ability to harmonize and balance. You know that feeling of serenity after deep cleaning and decluttering your space? This is what Clear Quartz can do for your mental & energetic bodies. Who needs bath bombs? Clear Quartz sprays windex on your mind and chakras until they are squeaky-clean and free from confusion, distractions, and all that doesn’t serve you. With clarity of mind and free flowing energy, you can view any situation with a renewed sense of calm & confidence. 
Clear Quartz is also known as an energy amplifier. Pair it with other crystals to boost their effects, or use it as a megaphone for all your intentions to the universe! 
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