Optical Calcites (Iceland Spar)

Optical Calcites (Iceland Spar)

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Each of these polished optical calcites contain beautiful rainbows & colors to explore when held to light. They are powerful allies for self-exploration, revealing where self-limiting beliefs & fears hold us back from our power to create our own realities. Historically, the Vikings used this stone as a compass, using it to locate the sun through the clouds. 



Height 1.25" | Width 1.5" | Depth 1.5" | Weight 3.7 oz


Height 1.62" | Width 1.75" | Depth 0.75" | Weight 3.4 oz


Height 1.5" | Width 1.75" | Depth 1" | Weight 4.1 oz


Height 1.25" | Width 2" | Depth 1" | Weight 3.6 oz


Height 1.75" | Width 2.12" | Depth 0.87" | Weight 4.2 oz



Originally discovered in Iceland, Optical Calcite is the ultimate ally for inner work. It sheds light on the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself that prevent you from effectively creating your own reality. The clarity and multilevel awareness it brings can help you discover the true energetic root of your problems, and show you the areas in your life where you are letting fear motivate you. It supports you as you release these self-limiting beliefs & fears, and reminds you to forgive yourself and others in order to move forward on your path of inner healing. 

Similarly to Clear Quartz, Optical Calcite cleanses the energetic body of blockages & stagnant energy. It also amplifies energies, so programming it with your intentions is an effective way to work with Optical Calcite to make your dreams known to the universe. It is believed that the Vikings used this stone as a compass, using it to locate the sun through the clouds. Today, it can help connect you to your inner compass, aiding you in locating & removing obstacles in your way.



Origin: Mexico 

Awesome for:
  • releasing fears
  • overcoming self-limiting beliefs
  • inner work & personal growth
  • forgiveness 
  • manifestation
  • mental clarity

 "I create my own reality."

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