Pyrite Cube

Pyrite Cube
Pyrite Cube
Pyrite Cube
Pyrite Cube
Pyrite Cube
Pyrite Cube

Pyrite Cube

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With Pyrite's energy, you'll realize you have everything you need within you to take action towards your goals. Pyrite has been called the 'money magnet' due to its energetic vibration that calls in abundance.



Measure ~0.25"-0.42" | Weight 0.2-0.3 oz


Measure ~0.5" | Weight 0.3-0.5 oz


Measure ~0.62"-0.87" | Weight 0.5-0.9 oz


Measure ~0.75"-1" | Weight 1-1.6 oz



Pyrite is an extremely beneficial stone for confidence building and bringing a can-do attitude to any situation. It is a stone of action, providing you with the self esteem boost necessary to keep working towards your goals despite any bumps in the road. 

Pyrite stimulates the creative energy center, allowing energy to flow through your seat of personal power, where it can be directed to the proper energy channel that makes it a reality. Pyrite is also known as a money magnet, because when you know your self-worth, it is easy to call prosperity and financial abundance into your life. 

Pyrite reminds us that what we dwell on, we attract into our lives. Keeping your thoughts focused on your goals and all the good fortune out there available to you calls those experiences into your space. Rest self assured with powerful Pyrite. 



Origin: Peru

Awesome for:
  • taking action towards goals
  • manifesting financial abundance
  • personal power
  • confidence
  • prosperity

"I possess the power to achieve my goals."

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