Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite
Rainbow Fluorite
Rainbow Fluorite
Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite

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Rainbow Fluorite enhances the cleansing effect on the energetic body. It repairs our auric field to make it easier for us to live and operate from a peaceful state of mind.



Measure ~0.75"-1" | Weight 0.2-0.4 oz


Measure ~1.12"-1.62" | Weight 0.6-0.8 oz



When it comes to creating order out of chaos, Fluorite takes home the gold medal. It works its energetic magic on the mental state, ridding your mind of clutter, fog, confusion, conflicting ideas, & fear of the future. That is why Fluorite can be your #1 ally for making life decisions

By creating cohesion in the brain, Fluorite assists with thinking through feelings. It can also support learning, retention, & memory. 

Working with Fluorite is like hiring a professional organizer for your head, assembling scattered thoughts. If you’re overwhelmed by a multitude of ideas, it can help you focus on one direction to plan the steps that make it happen. In this digital age of distractions and constant media coming at us from all angles, Fluorite can be everyone’s best friend.



Origin: Mexico

Awesome for:
  • decision-making
  • understanding feelings
  • heart-brain cohesion
  • mental overwhelm
  • students
  • leaders

 “I know all of the answers.”

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