Selenite Wands

Selenite Wands

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Selenite is a most cherished tool for energetic cleansing & growth, and synergistically pairs with any other crystals. It supports  one's precious connection to their higher self, so they can be guided to new heights. Use it as a wand to scan for energetic blockages or to rid yourself of other's energy you may have picked up on throughout your day! 



Length 3.75"-4" | Width 0.5"-1" | Weight 1.5-3 oz


Length 6"-6.5" | Width ~1" | Weight 3.5-4.2 oz



Selenite, also known as Satin Spar,  is a high vibrational crystal that cleanses and purifies the energetic body, restoring it with light. It can dissolve different densities in your auric field, and allow you to tap into the understanding of how it got there in the first place, so you can better protect yourself in the future. Many work with Selenite when they get home from work or a place where they’ve been around a lot of people to remove energy that is not their own out of their auric field. They’ll use it as a wand to wave over the aura and let the Selenite work its purifying abilities. 

Selenite also acts as the crystal “gateway” to the etheric energy centers above our crown, supporting & activating our spiritual evolution. By aligning our chakras, our energy is free flowing and can reach new heights. Selenite is all about keeping you clear, so that you may have clear & direct communication with your higher self. The more you connect to your higher self, the more effortless the feeling becomes, and you can move forward through life with the ultimate guidance. Your higher self can direct Selenite’s high frequency energy to where you need it most. It pairs synergistically with any stone, making it a valuable tool in your collection. 



Origin: Mexico

Awesome for:
  • empaths
  • spiritual growth
  • cleansing & purification
  • ridding of other's energies
  • connection to higher self
  • developing intuition
  • healing work on self & others

Affirmation: “I release any energy that is not mine. I call all of my energy back to me.” 

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