Agate Druzy Geode Polished Towers

Agate Druzy Geode Polished Towers

Agate Druzy Geode Polished Towers

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It's difficult to live fully 'in the moment' when your emotions & energetic body are stuck in the past or wandering into the future. Having Agate in your space not only brings you back into alignment, but offers gentle balancing energies to keep you in harmony with your energetic cycles. Agate reminds to ease up, laugh, & find amusement every day.  



Height 2.5" | Width 2.37" | Depth 2.5" | Weight 9.5 oz


Height 3.37" | Width 2.25" | Depth 2" | Weight 11.7 oz


Height 2.62" | Width 1.87" | Depth 2.5" | Weight 7.7 oz



When your energetic body is out of alignment, you can find yourself living in the past or trying to operate from the future. Agate balances you out, bringing you back into alignment so you can be fully present. It reminds you that you are connected to nature, and that by honoring the seasons within you, you can live a more balanced and fulfilled life that is free of resistance. 

Agate is also a beautiful ally for balancing emotions. It helps you to hold space for amusement in your everyday experiences. Its gentle energies stabilize & ground, so you can live your life from a centered place. Achieve the balance necessary to open yourself to earth’s abundant wisdom with Agate around!



Origin: Brazil 

Awesome for:
  • achieving balance
  • laughter & amusement
  • connecting to nature
  • emotional stability
  • being present
  • honoring our cyclical natures

 "I easily find amusement & laughter in every experience."

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