The sun sets on a withering forest. Autumn leaves of red, orange, yellow, and brown cover the ground.

psst. just so you know.

Here at The Hemlock Shop.

We are committed to sourcing all of our inventory sustainably, ethically, and consciously.


Yes, we love to! We can work with you to design custom crystal bundles or bracelets- these make the ultimate special gifts for bridesmaids, celebrations, & teams of any kind. The crystal combinations we create will be entirely unique to you & the energy you want to create & share for your event. Order minimum of 8 pieces, Contact Us for details!

We work on restocking our crystal inventory as often as possible & like to offer you new & exciting products each season. Since all of our jewelry is handmade, we take time to create each piece with love. We can't guarantee restock on particular items, but please reach out & tell us what you're looking for and we'll do our absolute best to accommodate you!

Please email and we will send you the remaining balance information on your gift card!