Beginner's Bundle


Beginner's Bundle

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The Beginner's Bundle is the perfect starter kit for anyone who's just plain curious about crystals. It includes some of the most popular (for a reason!) crystals out there. There is a variety of tumbled & rough stones, so one can get a feel for whether polished or natural crystals will be their pick moving forward when they inevitably fall in love with crystal energy!

This Bundle includes:

  • 1 Rose Quartz Tumble 
  • 1 Amethyst Tumble
  • 1 Clear Quartz Natural Point
  • 1 Green Aventurine Tumble 
  • 1 Black Tourmaline Log
  • 1 Selenite Wand 
  • cotton pouch
  • info card & affirmation

Crystal Properties

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz is one of the most popular crystals to work with when it comes to matters of the heart. It reminds us to hold space for loving consciousness to be woven into all that we experience. An amazing crystal for emotional healing, Rose Quartz’s gentle feminine energies help us spot oneness everywhere. Rose Quartz assists us in clearing ego-driven harmful behaviors and patterns. It tells us that we cannot give our power over to the fears and stresses of life. With a strong heart and compassion acting as guides, one can radiate emotional understanding, self-respect, and respect for others with loving kindness. 

Amethyst acts like the Mary Poppins bag of crystals. Since it heightens your intuition, it can support you through anything that shifts you out of alignment with your higher self. Amethyst tells anxious thoughts that there’s no vacancy in your head. When faced with temptations, it tells your willpower it’s time to run the show. Amethyst’s high vibrations act like your own personal energetic knight, defending you from negativity & other lower vibrational energies. In the face of stress, it puts a sticky note reminder at the forefront of your brain that reads, “dude, chill out!”. Amethyst is an all-purpose staple in your crystal toolkit. 

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz’s master power lies in its ability to harmonize and balance. You know that feeling of serenity after deep cleaning and decluttering your space? This is what Clear Quartz can do for your mental & energetic bodies. Who needs bath bombs? Clear Quartz sprays windex on your mind and chakras until they are squeaky-clean and free from confusion, distractions, and all that doesn’t serve you. With clarity of mind and free flowing energy, you can view any situation with a renewed sense of calm & confidence. Clear Quartz is also known as an energy amplifier. Pair it with other crystals to boost their effects, or use it as a megaphone for all your intentions to the universe! 

Green Aventurine
When it comes to calling luck & prosperity into your energy field, Green Aventurine is your #1 crystal helper. This stone carries a strong optimistic vibration, assisting with positive changes in all aspects of life. Green Aventurine promotes growth by helping you release old patterns and attachments to clear space for renewed energy to fill your aura & attract new opportunities. Its gorgeous green vibrations stimulate the heart energies, assisting you in finding hope through emotionally difficult situations. Living from a heart-centered place allows the abundant and prosperous energies of our world to find homes within us.

Black Tourmaline 
Black Tourmaline is a master ally for ridding your energy field and surrounding space of negativity. Its transmuting abilities allow you to perceive energy coming into your awareness as neutral. This offers powerful protection from the ‘energy vampires’ in your life and other lower vibrational emotions. Aside from personal energy protection, Black Tourmaline also helps to keep you safe from the harmful electromagnetic frequencies that surround us in the rapidly growing age of technology. Though invisible to us, these frequencies are believed to be linked with a number of issues including insomnia, anxiety, & fatigue. With Black Tourmaline on you, you can operate from a place of inner strength, knowing you are grounded & protected.

Selenite is a high vibrational crystal that cleanses and purifies the energetic body, restoring it with light. It can dissolve different densities in your auric field, and allow you to tap into the understanding of how it got there in the first place, so you can better protect yourself in the future. Many work with Selenite when they get home from work or a place where they’ve been around a lot of people to remove energy that is not their own out of their auric field. They’ll use it as a wand to wave over the aura and let the Selenite work its purifying abilities. Selenite also acts as the crystal “gateway” to the etheric energy centers above our crown, supporting & activating our spiritual evolution. By aligning our chakras, our energy is free flowing and can reach new heights. Selenite is all about keeping you clear, so that you may have clear & direct communication with your higher self. The more you connect to your higher self, the more easy and familiar the feeling becomes, and you can move forward through life with the ultimate guidance. Your higher self can direct Selenite’s high frequency energy to where you need it most. It pairs synergistically with any stone, making it a valuable tool in your collection. 
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