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Celestite radiates the soothing, heavenly energies of the higher realms. Place a celestite by your bedside for peaceful sleep, or in a space where you could use some inner quiet & mindfulness.



Measure 0.5"-1" | Weight 0.2-0.5 oz


Measure 1"-1.25" | Weight 0.5-0.7 oz



Celestite is like a lullaby in crystal form. It is one of the most beneficial crystals to work with if you find your mind running a marathon while you try to fall asleep. This powerful stone soothes your worries & calms you down so you can truly unwind. Celestite’s ability to quiet the mind is extremely helpful during meditation. Its peaceful pale blue vibrations ease anxiety and depression, transforming your mental space into a safe-haven where you can enjoy ultimate relaxation

Celestite’s heavenly energies enable your higher self to connect with the angelic realm of celestial bodies. Here, you can be reminded that you are divinely protected and unconditionally loved. When you maintain that high vibration through everyday experience, you not only show fear that it does not belong in your space, but you also help raise the vibration of everyone around you. How’s that for crystal power?!



Origin: Madagascar

Awesome for:
  • insomniacs
  • dreamwork 
  • meditation practices
  • relaxation
  • connecting to the angels
  • fear, anxiety & depression

"I make space for serenity in my life- I feel guided & loved."

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