Aura Quartz Polished Points

Aura Quartz Polished Points

Aura Quartz Polished Points

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Aura Quartz reveals the beauty that's possible when humans lovingly collaborate with Mother Earth. Its awe-inspiring colors are truly mesmerizing. Let the peaceful vibrations of Aura Quartz fill you up with positivity and lovingly guide you on your journey!



Height 1.75"-2" | Width 2"-2.25" | Weight 3.3 -3.6 oz



Aura Quartz helps us to view the world through rose colored lenses, seeing the beauty all around us in our environment and in others. Its tranquil and loving vibrations aid in our connection to the higher vibrations of the angelic realms. With Aura Quartz, one remembers that they’re never alone, and can easily connect to their higher guidance

Grown naturally & then treated by humans, Aura Quartz shows us what’s possible when humans lovingly collaborate with Mother Earth. Its rainbows and mesmerizing colors are a source of inspiration, making it wonderful for creatives of all kinds to work with. It supports us in releasing negative emotions to make space for intuitive wisdom to come through. How graceful it feels to walk through life in a state of awe & gratitude for the beauty around us! 



Origin: Brazil

Awesome for:
  • upholding the vibration of gratitude 
  • inspiration
  • connecting to higher realms
  • positivity 
  • relationship work
  • intuition

Affirmation: “I see the beauty in everyone around me.” 

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