Emerald Polished Point

Emerald Polished Point
Emerald Polished Point
Emerald Polished Point
Emerald Polished Point
Emerald Polished Point

Emerald Polished Point

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Emerald has been admired for its beauty since ancient times and held in high regard for its powerful ability to transform the heart space, healing emotional wounds & promoting love of all kinds. The tranquil green hues spotted within the matrix of this polished Emerald point remind us that we are forever held in divine, unconditional love.


Height 3" | Width 1.25" | Depth 1.62" | Weight 6.6 oz



Emerald is known as the stone of compassion. It is the purest physical representation in matter of the healing green color frequency of the light spectrum. The emerald hues inspire deep emotional healing. True compassion is only able to overflow from you when you first fill yourself up with it first. 

Emerald invites you to connect to your inner child, hug them, and offer them your unconditional love. When you’re able to let love in, you attune your energy to the vibration of abundance and can receive endless amounts of love that is out there for you in the universe. It shows you that it is safe to be vulnerable, and that you have hidden strength that lies in vulnerability. Emerald soothes fears of abandonment and reminds you that you are never alone or disconnected from the oneness here on Mother Earth. 



Origin: Brazil

Awesome for:
  • emotional healing
  • self-love
  • relationships
  • promoting oneness
  • inner child healing

Affirmation: “I radiate the healing and transforming energies of unconditional love.”

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