Smoky Quartz Point

Smoky Quartz Point
Smoky Quartz Point
Smoky Quartz Point
Smoky Quartz Point

Smoky Quartz Point

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The ultimate negativity neutralizer, Smoky Quartz keeps you & your space protected. Its grounding energies pull cosmic information down to Earth so you can practically integrate the 'downloads' you receive into your everyday life. 



Length 0.5"-1.25" | Max. Width 0.25"-0.5" | Weight 0.2-0.4 oz


Length 1"-1.87" | Max. Width 0.25"-0.75" | Weight 0.4-0.7 oz


Length 2"-2.75" | Max. Width 1"-1.25" | Weight 0.5-1.1 oz



Smoky Quartz #1 power it is grounding effect, which can benefit all who work with it in numerous ways. When you’re feeling ‘squirrelly’ or ‘spaced-out’, Smoky Quartz grounds the excess energy so you can be productive. It helps manifest your dreams into reality by drawing the energies that usually reside in higher vibrational realms down to meet you on the physical, earthly level. This process also aids in spiritual work when you receive ‘downloads’, helping you to understand how to integrate that cosmic information into everyday life. 

Another extremely valuable quality of the grounding energy of Smoky Quartz is its ability to transmute negativity into the earth to be neutralized. When you’re connected to Mother Earth and free from negativity, you can feel fully present & open to all of the joys life has to offer. 



Origin: Brazil

Awesome for:
  • protection
  • integrating spiritual information 
  • grounding
  • neutralizing negativity 
  • manifestation
  • protection from harmful EMFs

Affirmation: “I pull my highest dreams down from the heavens to manifest on Earth.”

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